What is your New Year resolution?

My dearest all, I hope that no matter where you are, you are all having a big smile towards the new 2018 year.

To me 2018 is such a magical number; it was that kind of year you made up as a kid imagining the future fictional world in 20 years. Then a zap of time passed - here we all are - "living in the future."

I am never a person who is especially excited for planning the unknown nor to have a clear goal.
But this year, besides the fact I still believe in living at the moment, I actually got an epiphany for my future plans out of all the experiences I gained from the past few years.
So how should we call it? Resolution, or more like an improvement plan?

For the moment nothing is certain yet, but I am already at the steps of impatience on forming new ideas for ALYSÉE YIN CHEN, and cannot wait to share with you first hand.

Here are some details for preview:

  •  In 2018, the brand will be transformed to semi-couture and more artisan handmade focus. To really promote slow fashion, I realised it's all about balance. I am not cutting off my trustworthy/honest production suppliers entirely, but I do feel in current world we don't need that much of production and over promote them because we need to earn the marge back. This is why I am going to focus on made-to-order types of product and hand made myself in south western France; for some simple products and collaboration project, I will maintain the small quantity production as usual for more easy access to the beloved you.

  •  Several collaborations are going to be revealed slowly this year towards 2019 (wow! so slow!)Some of them are from artists who I reached out, some of them are with dear friends who supported me since beginning. I will also dedicates these projects into something that have more depth than just a "collaboration."

So my dears, please stay tuned to the official website for further contents! I am hoping to create a platform where everyone can be interested and feel they want to take time to read, watch, and learn altogether.



with love, x