chapitre iii./


the story behind:

I never consider my brand is only a brand,
It's more like a platform I created as an artist with materials I am passionate and also familiar with,
A platform I can meet the other creative minds and collaborate with;

I want to expand, but also have limitations on the dependency to system;

I want to do more projects, experiment more with my hands, plant more seeds of idea and wait patiently

Look 4_3 copy copy.jpg

I never had the courage to call myself an artist before,
until I realize I don't care if I have any recognition as long as I am doing something I wanted in my head, and then learning how to do it, eventually presenting it on my platform

The result can be foolish, imperfect or not even that original considering human do already owned thousands of history (and now social media is pushing us to the folie states of mind, convincing us that everyone needs to compete to produce new ideas in the fast speed)

this story behind contains:

a sculptor / a fashion designer
a pattern maker / an artisan
a photographer
a model
a hair stylist
a make up artist
a partner
7 people in sample sewing atelier


with love, x