Trend comes and goes, but us humans remained existing with the land.

A simple canvas, with shadow of branches and leaves;

we in - hale, this natural gift that mother earth provide.

We walk with the vain spread trails on the body of our mother seeking, feeling, calming -

we ex - hale, the thousands treads of sorrowfulness.

The system us humans created for trapping ourselves over, and over again.

How many times when we have an aching point on our corps

then we turn to ground for seeking comfort?

How many times when we have a rage rushing over our head

then we long for a walk in rain for cooling it off?


Trend comes and goes, but loving earth and returning to roots should not become one. It is an awareness, not a tool. If we believe what we see, and hear, we should also make effort to apply that to our life behavior.

Not saying tiny mistakes and imperfection cannot be tolerated, but at least act with consciousness, speak with truth, and follow it with honesty.


Let us really take time to think,

for once.


with love, x