chapitre iv./


Last year I started trying to document the process of my garment creation; hoping something will actually last for a clothes maker like me at the end of the day with peace, where has my solely conversation with the fabric lies in front.

Making clothes is quiet a work of solitude if you chose to work alone, there is really no much time to interact with others since even the every little crazy creative step need to be executed with a meticulous manner and approach.

I considered myself still learning how to acheive to this states of mind, to really be experienced enough to call my own hands the hands of savoir-faire; but I do enjoy this process very much as it's a bit the art kid dating the math kid cliché kind of clash.

It's a long process that probably every other week you find yourself alone and no one can share what you've actually achieved (oh I finally nailed that plis but I have no idea how to pattern make that with nice finishing...) such example of conversation....


anyways, this photo was taken in December, and finally the work will be out soon. (?)



until then

with love, x