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The speed of creative process


Lately I had an interesting conversation with an artist I collaborated with (and I got lots of helpful advice from our "one-on-one" consulting session with no commercial sense involved.) The feedback I got from her is sort of confirmation of what I decided to pursue since a year ago and now I am so impatience to realize this project + direction of mine in order to share with you more.

But before to do that, I want to discuss about the speed of creative process in this industry.


While back in school, most of the fashion students were educated that our industry averagely produce 4 seasons throughout the year (which is already moderately speaking); and without any questions asked, this was kind of the minimum requirement that planted to our "speed-conscious" as a designer before even setting one foot to the real world.

After creating my eponymous label, I soon realized this "never self-doubt plantation" was not at all serving the sake of creation , but instead, it's designed to give the true glory (and sweat, tears and blood) to vocabularies such as "business and margin."

How fast you get tired of one garment you purchased? One week, one month, a couple of years...or never?

This indirectly related to how much soul-speeding process for a designer need to go through for proving each season he/she is not "out" nor "done" yet.

One beautiful pattern takes months or years to research and produced; will I be a less of a designer because I continue to use old pattern for creating new life out of it?

Will people become my "client" because I can meet their quantity/speed demand? Or it can be simply because of the time I invest with my eyes, my vision and my hand?



Just a thought or two on speed and time, until next time.


with love, x



chapitre iv./

Last year I started trying to document the process of my garment creation; hoping something will actually last for a clothes maker like me at the end of the day with peace, where has my solely conversation with the fabric lies in front.

Making clothes is quiet a work of solitude if you chose to work alone, there is really no much time to interact with others since even the every little crazy creative step need to be executed with a meticulous manner and approach.

I considered myself still learning how to acheive to this states of mind, to really be experienced enough to call my own hands the hands of savoir-faire; but I do enjoy this process very much as it's a bit the art kid dating the math kid cliché kind of clash.

It's a long process that probably every other week you find yourself alone and no one can share what you've actually achieved (oh I finally nailed that plis but I have no idea how to pattern make that with nice finishing...) such example of conversation....


anyways, this photo was taken in December, and finally the work will be out soon. (?)



until then

with love, x

chapitre iii./

the story behind:

I never consider my brand is only a brand,
It's more like a platform I created as an artist with materials I am passionate and also familiar with,
A platform I can meet the other creative minds and collaborate with;

I want to expand, but also have limitations on the dependency to system;

I want to do more projects, experiment more with my hands, plant more seeds of idea and wait patiently

Look 4_3 copy copy.jpg

I never had the courage to call myself an artist before,
until I realize I don't care if I have any recognition as long as I am doing something I wanted in my head, and then learning how to do it, eventually presenting it on my platform

The result can be foolish, imperfect or not even that original considering human do already owned thousands of history (and now social media is pushing us to the folie states of mind, convincing us that everyone needs to compete to produce new ideas in the fast speed)

this story behind contains:

a sculptor / a fashion designer
a pattern maker / an artisan
a photographer
a model
a hair stylist
a make up artist
a partner
7 people in sample sewing atelier


with love, x