Alysée Yin Chen (b. 1990 Taipei)
is a Taiwanese artist lives and works in Figeac, France.

Her artistic practice is an investigation into the connection between “organic area”, “roots symbol” and the “artificial time”. The approach is to draw an analogy between- a) creating a dimensional object from fibre, b) the nature space, and c) confrontation of culture differences throughout her own immigration experience.

The artist’s method consists mainly of fabric sculpting and film videos. She observes how humankind migrate on various territories and timelines; then, hopes to record it through a nonlinear narration and poetry film technique. Based on the device of “stream-of-consciousness”, she is also experimenting in writings, paintings, installations…etc., for future projects.

Her works has been exhibited in “Prove Tecniche di Trasmissione by A.I. Artisanal Intelligence” (AltaRoma, Rome, 2017)